THE biggest question we ask ourselves…

I have struggles this week with getting back to our routine after the Christmas break…I’m pretty sure all normal people had the same problem.

I have been busy trying to get my portfolio going…but as always life gets in a way of things.

Mostly laundry, yes there is Always Laundry in our house. My children and my husband produce endless amount of washing. It’s like the washing basket begs them to throw the dirty clothes in.

When we hit the rock bottom with the Homeschooling we usually do one thing… we stop schooling.
We take a day of … we hit that day today…but I felt that we had a lot of “days out” during the festive period and I was determined to stick to the schedule.

It all end up with tears.

It all end up with two very miserable human beings.

It all end up with no achievements at all.

I had to remind myself why we started homeschooling in the first place. It wasn’t because of the overpriced school fees in the “good schools” . It wasn’t because of the other “unworthy” children , the bullies or the “lame ” teachers. It wasn’t because we had a problem with the school.

It was because it worked for US better than a conventional school.

We believed in hands on learning, we believed in Montessori method of letting the child to take ownership of their learning journey. We believed that unstopping would be the best way for our kids.

So there he was, a little human, who completely lost his faith in me today. And it really bothered me.

We paused, we watched a movie, we made a cake, we crafted, we went for a bike ride. We did what we meant to do. We let the experiences guide and educate us, we observed and we used practical skills to introduce learning back into our daily routine.

Within 1 hour he was on the floor doing fraction puzzles, no nagging, no shouting and no pressure.

Sometimes we forget why we homeschool. Its never too late to remind ourselves of our reasons.

Love and light



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