How else would you start a blog???
It has taken a lot of time, and a lot of thinking as of what I wanted this blog and website to be about , used for.
Endless bullet point lists, pinterest pins and in my head conversations. Will it work? Would anyone read it? Can I actually do it? I still don’t have the answer to it all.
My motivation was my ambitious, my kids and the fact I don’t have a job right now which would bring all the neccessary stimulation in a life filled career. Being a stay at home mother is amazing, my children are now in the age when they can pretty much do stuff for themselves and I’m not needed that much anymore.
Sad but true.  Not long time ago I was nursing them, waking up at night to comfort them and wiped their bums! Where has the time gone?  Now they need me in a different way. They need my knowledge and my creativity to guide them through the life and their education.  This year we made the decision to Homeschool our older one, I could go on and on about how the school failed him, how the system failed him, its endless arguments. I’m not here to tell anyone that school is bad and school is evil and you should homeschool your children because they will grow up to be criminals and fraudsters if you don’t. FAR FROM IT.
The reason we started homeschooling is because it works for US as a family. My son had a high IQ and he struggled with the social aspect of being around children who weren’t like him, he loves reading and chess, most boys like football. He tried but didn’t fit in, he was bullied and abused and we decided to take him out, end of sob story. We did it because it was best for US.
When I mentioned to my husband I will be starting a homeschooling blog he just gave me this ” another project” look. Believe me I have don it all: I have baked cakes, I have done party planning, I tutored, I translated, I taught English, I even wrote a book! So seeing his face full of doubt it has eventually discouraged me but I’m not a quitter lol.
So I sat down, made my own logo and decided it was time to get my head out of my butt and do it!
Weeks after the idea was born I came to conclusion as of what I want this blog to be:
1. Place where I post my experience as a homeschooling Mum plus advice, tips
2. Place where other people can post advice and tips
3. Place where you don’t hate, judge or bitch ( trolls will be banned and deleted)
4. Place where I can sell my worksheets, my workbooks and clipart’s( let’s face it, we all dream of making money from it)
5. Place where the homeschooling community comes together.
Pretty sure the list will evolve as we go. I want to keep it real, keep it simple and keep it going!

So I decided to give away the first ever font I made for FREE. If you like it subscribe to the Newsletter and it will be emailed to you absolutely FREE.

Love and Light
The Queen is out

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