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How to keep them motivated

Hand on heart we can all relate to that problem…right??

I won’t believe for a split of a second that you have never hit the rock bottom…

We have , on many occasions. Staying motivated is hard. Keeping them motivated even harder.

I have read many articles and many homeschooling guides which talk about importance of children establishing a self motivation. In ideal world they would. But in real world? They loose it a bit if the motivation is not feed on regular basics. Like a pet.

We tried many things, and I mean many things. Promise of video games, promise of pocket money, the bribe the threat. It has worked for an period of time, then we hit rock bottom again.

I have stumbled across my grandmothers journal while decluttering my apartment. I had it for years and used to love reading it. I still do. She used to write poetry, some good , some not so good.

Something in this journal made me realise that I was missing a piece of puzzle in our homeschooling journey.

An everyday , simple motivation . My great granddad used to write under my Nan’s poems a little line of encouragement, and I genuinely thought it was what made her write on and on. After hours on pinterest and online I decided we needed brag tags in our lives.

Fun, simple quotes which would keep the kids going .

I ended up creating a set of those and using them in the writing journals.

They actually work!

The kids went nuts fort them! I keep them as a surprise and stick on everyday . They love reading them and commenting on how much it keeps them on track.

They are free to download in my TPT shop.

Here is the link:

I print them on a sticky paper , but you can just use glue, works well too.

For optimal size I print them as “2 copies per page” to get a 2 sets on one page.


Share your motivation tips! Would love to hear them


Happy Bragging!!!




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