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Knowing who you are -a simple geography lesson

Come on ask my children where they are from. You may get more than one answer, living the expat life means we travelled and lived in more than one continent.

As parents we try to help our children where they come from, where they live and how this all relates to us a family.

Knowing your roots is important.Finding out your own history will engage them to in exploring geography and history. Maybe your ancestors were famous inventors? Or explorers? Pioneers?


We have created a simple sheet to help the children better record  the findings.


Starting small with exploring the country you currently live in, exploring the simple things like capital and currency. Moving on to country you were born in. Comparing the differences and finding similarities is great fun.


In this one we used printed flags due to complexity of both flags. We have done research online to answer questions we didn’t know, and followed the map to find out the continents. Simple but fun tasks!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 19.58.16.png


You can download both FREE worksheets here.

Have fun exploring!




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