Little things


My 5 year old daughter lifts my eyelid and whispers in my ear “I want to wear my sleeping beauty dress”

I murmur something about “later” and turn around to the other side of the bed. But deep down I know that this is it, no more sleep for me.

I open my eyes and smile at my little girls who is still standing by my bedside waiting for me to get up.

Those little things make you realise how lucky you are in life.

It’s very easy to forget about those tiny moments when we are busy parenting,homeschooling and just getting through day by day.

As a homeschooling mum I want my kids to be on top of their programmes and activities, to have he best start in life etc. But also I want them to be happy and to be children as long as they can. There are a few things I try to remember:

1. Catch the moments as they come.

If your children want to sing and dance instead of doing math workbooks, let them. Even join them! The fun and laughter are far more important then the times tables.

2. Let it loose

Have a lazy day, watch DVD,s with them, make a den, go outside. Paint faces!! Have fun!

3. Keep it simple

The vulcano project can wait until next week, get the chalk out , draw around hands, blow bubbles.

4. Chores can wait

Actually everything else can wait. The emails,the washing,the shopping. It will all be there tomorrow. But your children may not ask for your attention.

5. It’s ok to have a day off.

No guilt is necessary, parenting guilt is felt by all parents at some point. And it’s always creeping there. Believe me, taking a day of is not going to ruin your kids chance for college, nor set you back of the homeschooling track.
Those days don’t happen often, but when they do, I make sure I make the best of them. Be spontaneous, enjoy your kids. They will very soon grow up!


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