20 Summer Activities for Summer Break

Summer is approaching fast! Do you break up and have a break without schooling? Or do you continue studying?

We do a mixture of both. Mainly because we get a lot of summer where we live. June to September is a long time to keep them without any work.

We try to make it fun, relevant , short and sweet.

Here is 20 of our top activities we do during the summer :

1. Spend as much time as you can outside: nature walk, nature scavenger hunt, build a nature den, play hide and seek in the woods, fly a kite.

2. Pick a book for summer reading. I must confess I let my kids pick what they want to read, we go to a book store and they get to choose. Then we bing it home and look at it together, we work out how many pages a day we will read, is it suitable for independent reading? If not then who is going to read with them. Very often we design activities around our summer books that way it’s easier for the kids to write the final book reports.

3. Have a picnic. Indoor or outdoor is a great way of spending an afternoon with the kids. Get them involved in making the sandwiches , bring some outdoor games to make it even more fun.

4. Face painting . A while ago I invested in good face paint, what a fun activity to do with kids. We paint faces but also paint on backs or feet. The kids love it and it’s a great way of expressing  their artistic feelings.

5. Craft from recycled material. It’s something we always do during the summer. Usually it is a large project which hardly fits in our daily routine. Having an arty crafty day is great as we can spend the time planning and then crafting without limits. Last year we build a plastic bottle green house!

6. Get dirty in the garden. My kids love to dig! They look for worms and pull weeds, they are happy spending the entire day in the garden or allotment. It’s also a great lesson on how plants grow and different types of plants. Also how we can be more sustainable and grow our own food.

7. Have a bake off!! One of our favourites, we usually combating it with a BBQ and having people over for dinner. In the morning the children choose a recipe and then we go to the store to look for he indriedients, then they take turn baking . They measure and time themselves and are responsible for getting it out of the oven in time too. We end up with a lot of cake which is lovely to share with friends and family!

8. Have a movie marathon. If the day is gloomy we make snacks like popcorn and brownies, we cut some fruit and make a movie den. We put duvets on the floor or open the sofa bed,the kids love it. Normally we have days we don’t watch to so having a day to catch up is great. We watch more than movie and we discuss it in between. It’s great way of finding out your kids point of view and their opinions.

9. Volunteer . We take food for the elderly or volunteer at the shelter with the animals. Its a good lesson for the kids about empathy and importance of helping others.

10. Make a bird feeder. It’s a simple activity which will keep the kids busy and also will help the birds. We usually put frozen fruit in our feeders toelp the birds cool during the hot summer here.

11.  Document your day!  Take photos, record videos, make a mixed tape! The kids love watching those back and reflecting on their journey. Last year we bought a Polaroid camera and the kids took lots of photos and then they made them into scrapbooks. It was a great project.

12. Make a family tree. Learning about your ancestors is a great history and geography lesson. We are very fortunate to have a mixed heritage and our family tree is very complicated. But even if you don’t have many “exotic” ancestors it is a fantastic way of making memories with your kids and maybe reuniting with long lost relatives.

13. Learn new language! Our city has a student exchange programme. We participate in this programme and learn Spanish or French every summer. Because our kids are small we take on a student who comes to us for a few days and spends time with the kids practising their skills. If you don’t have the opportunity to participate in those programmes you can learn languages online or from foreign friends.

14. Take advantage of local events. During the the summer there is a lot going on, register for email or text updates with your local event office etc. Our kids love the festivals and the art galleries. There is a lot going on within the 30 miles perimeter. Check your local events!

15. Write a story. Get your creative spirit on. The kids would love to create characters and writing tales. How amazing if you also illustrate them? You can get them printed in book format to treasure forever.

16. Have a water fight. One of best fun days out. Fill water balloon, get the water guns out, get the hose, the kids would love the messiness and the freedom. Make sure you join in, don’t just stand there and watch!

17. Spend time playing with their toys. Normally the kids have no time playing with their toys , so take time playing with their toys. Build with lego, redecorate the dolls house. Just enjoy the time playing and never t hoovering around the kids.

18. Take a ride down the memory lane. Show the kids baby pictures, watch videos from when they were born. Tell them about their first words, tell them as important they are.

19. Spend time talking to your kids. Maybe that sounds like an obvious thing to do, but having the time to sit down and get to know them better in crucial. Our summer afternoons are often filled with discussions about random topics. We make a prompt jar and the kids pick out the subjects. Must be age relevant and short.

20. Just have fun. 


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