How to actually achieve your Pinterest aspirations.

We are all guilty here …I’m officially obsessed with Pinterest.

I need last minute craft idea, Pinterest it, I need a dinner inspiration, Pinterest it, DIY queen you say? I say Pinterest it.

In a way Pinterest became an answer to all my problems.

I find myself Pinteresting in my head…

Today I realised I have pinned over 200 pins in the last 2 months. From which I maybe achieved 2. Sounds familiar?.

Therefore I made a deal with myself to help me using the inspirations more productive.

Here are some tips.

1. Limits your pins to 10 a week.   It was a struggle at first, but then I realised I was picking stuff which I actually liked, not just pinning for the sake of pinning it.

2. Set up yourself a realistic goal.  At the beginning of each week decide what you are actually looking for and if you will be able to actually realise the project. I once had a board which had 120 diy gifts ideas, I loved picking them up but realistically I never managed to actually achieve them.

3. Create a “dream” board. This has helped me to put my lovely pins which I had no way of achieving in a safe spot which I can always revisit.

4. Delete duplicated pins. There is a lot of ideas out there, there is also loads of them which are pretty much the same. So before you pin 13 mermaid tails tutorials ask yourself a question. Do I need this?

5. Revisit the pins. I have hundreds of them which I pinned but never looked at again. In a view of time management this 20 sec I used for pinning this useless pin I would never get back. 20sec x 50 pins a day= 1000 sec a day, that’s 16 minutes a day, 1.9 h a week , 98h a year, that’s 4.1days a year!
I hope that brightens a bit your day. And don’t forget to pin it for later!


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