Teach your children how to deal with emergencies the best they can.

Two days ago we had a situation where we witnessed a child nearly drowning.  The 3 year old fell in the pool and he struggled for breath, his poor mother watched in horror as he was gasping for air. She was petrified, screaming for help , unable to act herself due to shock. A man jumped in his clothes and pulled the struggling toddler out.

My children watched the situation very carefully. My 5 year old made a valid point about “he should have turned on his back and float” , but then my son said to her that maybe he just panicked.

This whole situation made me realise that children’s perception of danger and emergency may be a lot different than ours. As grown up we often think we are capable of dealing with various situation ,  observing this poor mother I came to conclusion that I don’t pay much attention to the fact my kids may not be able to face a certain danger as they don’t have the skills to do so.

Therefore we sat down today and we talked about different types of emergencies. I listened to my children’s point of view.

And I have learned a lot.

Turns out my kids do have a great imagination and they easily put themselves “in danger”, they worked as a team to find a solution to those scenarios. A lot of “superpowers” came to rescue them too.

We created a little printable where we wrote down how we would have dealt with certain situations in a real life. I have introduced the “password” idea which they both really liked.

The main problem was to agree on the password and remembering it!

I think this topic will be coming back to our homeschooling schedule. I’m under impression that they need to be reminded about how to act in emergencies, to make sure they save themselves and not the favourite toys. This is a serious matter which wasn’t addressed in our household enough.  We will work on it.

How about you?

download it here abduction

download it here poison

download it here drowning

download it here fire
Ps. Those printable are for home use or classroom use only.


2 thoughts on “Teach your children how to deal with emergencies the best they can.”

  1. My kids are all adults now but we have grandchildren. When ours were little I talked about every emergency I could imagine and how to handle it. Your post reminded me that I need to remind my kids to talk to their kids about emergencies! Thank you.


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