DIY Lego Spinners

We are sitting in a not so busy coffee shop. Our usual Saturday morning treat. The place is local and we know pretty much everyone who walks past. This became our spot for public reading. It’s relaxing and we love doing that. New Archie comics for the older one, Barbie sticker book for the younger one and usually kindle for me, plus some hot chocolate and extra large coffee.

It’s quiet for a while, until the boy spots a friend and they both dissapear into the corner of the cafe, both leaning against something plastic and orange. I call him over to investigate.

He slowly comes up to me holding a little plastic toy, spinning it between his fingers.

“What is it?” I ask, looking at him.

Without taking his eyes of the spinning toy he whispers with admiration “Its a fidget spinner”

His eyes fixated on the spinning toy. No other reaction , that look , the same look when he is deep into a video game or something. The sense of addiction and possession in his eyes.

From that moment I knew that I would never buy one. Call me cruel, uncool but this toy is clearly designed to distract kids and create an obsession which would be hard to control.

For days my boy would ask for a spinner. He would beg, he would cry, he would do extra chores, just so he could get this piece of plastic.

We sat down and we talked about why he likes it and how we could resolve this situation without falling out completely.

“We could make one” , he said.

“Great idea, what would you make it out of?” I asked as in all honesty I had no idea.


And that was it, he was in his room tinkering spinners:

Her are his DIY spinners creations.

Why just not get him one you ask? Because he really didn’t need  one, he was being dragged in the new kid craze. This was not about the spinner, this was about coming up with something unique and something equally fun.

And we had tons of fun!!


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