Lego education. Yay or nay??

When I started homeschooling I was all set for traditional schooling . Oh boy how wrong was I??

My kids hated the ” school” at home. We needed to change things and find things the kids actually enjoyed. And what is that the love the most??


Recently they introduced the Lego education services. The website offers more than one activities. We actually love them all. Sadly they are extremely expensive. Average family won’t be able to afford the services offered.

So we worked out a way to make it free.

First decide which skill you want to work on.

We choose the story building . The kids loved creating their own comic books.

Collecting Lego characters, building the scenery, finding a good spot for taking pictures. It was such a great fun!

We downloaded the story builder from Lego education website. It’s free to download.

Find the link here:

There is also a free guide.

Because we have a lot of different sets on f Lego we were able to create endless stories.

We made some prompting cards which are available to download here

Here is the finished product


Print them, cut them out! have fun!


Here is our finished product:


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.53.12

We love adapting our way of learning. How our journey evolves is amazing.

Love and light. You are doing great x


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