Time for me time

Last night I came across an article about why mothers usually stay up late. The reason was as to have some “peaceful” time which is ever so vital to our sanity and well being. My only problem is I actually need sleep. I’m not. 20 year old student anymore who went out partying on Friday and came home on Wednesday next week. 

When we started homeschooling I was desperate for “me” time. I would complain to my husband every night as of how little of that me time I was getting. He tried to “make it up to me” by taking the kids out or telling me to go out in the evening. The thing we were lacking was a balance and respect. 

This needed to come in place as my children needed to learn to respect my personal space and my choice of 5 min to myself. 

We started working on introducing this balance. Starting with an actual 5 minutes. Sometimes homeschooling is a bliss, we whizz through the subject, everyone is happy and the day flies by. But on many occasions we struggled with the topic and it took a lot out of me and the kids and after all we needed the time to unwind. 

Here is what we did:

Choosing a unwinding activity was a fun part, we decided on things we wanted to do on the particular day. 3 things a day , 3 things which made us happy.

For me as an adult was “having a cup of tea alone”  or “reading a chapter of my book without being called”

The children also chose things like “making Hama beads without being called by mum” or “reading in peace”.

You probably think “this will never work for us”, and maybe it won’t but it’s important to give it a go as it may actually help. 

It has change my children’s view of me, before I felt like I was being there to attend their every need. “Mum! I need scissors” they were laying on the table. “Mum! I can’t see my shoes” , every single thing.  

Now when I need time to be alone (we are still talking about 10min approx) to gather my thoughts , rethink stuff or simply drink hot tea. We call to “me ” Time where everyone stops what they are doing and work on their “me time activity”,

I’m sure things will change once the kids are older but for now this is what works for us, I don’t feel the need to “escape” from them anymore. I simply value my right to be me when I need to. 

Love and light xx


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