Writing Buddy

My son struggled with handwriting. Big Time.

We both were done with the task before it even began. And if you are struggling with a child who hates handwriting know this. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

It was just hideous, bad and I ended up saying to him he could type instead of writing. Because who actually cares about the handwriting right? Doctors and engineers all scribble like a chicken holding a pen. So why am I torturing him.

The reality of this hit us when he submitted a poetry piece for a open competition. Guess what. The loved the piece but told him his handwriting was apoaling .

One major set back.

His imagination is fantastic, he loves to draw but when it comes to cursive handwriting he sucks big time.

I’m not afraid to say this, my son struggles. I may be a Homeschooling Queen but I’m far from perfect, and so are my kids.

When I was little I used to have a pencil case buddy, back in my days we didn’t have cute stationary and unicorn erases. We had plain , and plain only.

My grandma made me this pencil case buddy out of good old fashioned plasticine. It got me through some rough times at school.


My kids are lucky they are homeschooled, and I mean it, I put all my heart and soul in their journey so they learn as they want to learn and take the most out of it.

I told my son the story of my Plasticine buddy and he came up with idea of the Writing Buddy.


So here is our writing Buddy, his name is “Tom” and I own Tom some pints at the local bar. He saved me from loosing all my hair! Tom , even tho you are flat and wooden, you rock! My handwriting hating son now is very keen on actually writing his own stories.

My daughter made him a wooden girlfriend so he isn’t lonely.


Have fun making your own writing buddies!



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