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Atomidoodle review – Fun way to learn the periodic table

Yes, the periodic table the FUN way…

I would never thought that periodic table could be fun.

I never liked chemistry, not sure why but it just wasn’t my thing. I’m sure if I had it the FUN way I would have loved it.

We searched high and low for a good application which would have facts and some fun stuff too, but not too babyish for my older son.

We found Atomidoodle by Hero Factor Games

it costs £2.99 and its available on the app store.







****Please note we had no financial gain from reviewing this application. ****

We also used the Beginners Guide to the Periodic Table for my younger one. She enjoyed the book.

My son really loved this Periodic table book, It has a poster inside and it tell you in real life pictures which elements is found where.

Really good for younger learners, the lift and flap book is fun and colourful.



If you click on the amazon links you will support my coffee shop trips!

Love and light.


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