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DIY Printing Press

One of the subjects my son wanted to learn was how the printers work. After watching  a few You tube videos we had a slight idea. We have decided to improvise and make our own little printing press.

Pinterest is amazing for ideas! thank you Pinterest!

We found a blog post blog post here and we copied the idea.

Our paint wasn’t great for this as all we had was some cheap ikea paint. Therefore next time we will get a better poster paint and try that again.

We used rolling pin to get the post out of our prints. Styrofoam boxes work great for this activity. But you need a good quality paint and good card.

All for all it was a good hands on activity and step into learning about printing.

There is a lot of recipes on Pinterest to do a Gelly Printing plate but I seriously cannot dissolve gelatine correctly no matter what so I have ordered one on amazon for our next activity.

Here is some other products we used to explore this subject.

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