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Rocks and Fossils Unit Study Part 1

My son chose to study Rocks and Fossils.

His first challenge was to gather facts and make a mind map.

We like using mind maps, maybe its an old fashioned method but we still think its one of best ways for us to gather research.

Using internet for research seems like the obvious option, I try to encourage my kids to use books , we shop for the books together and we try to pick ones which will interest both of the children. It’s not so easy as people may think. Having children with different learning styles and different ages is not walk in the park. Finding materials stable for both often proves challenging.

This time we choose:

It is a great resource with amazing photographs and really interesting facts.


Both kids really enjoyed this book and we will use it for further research. We have also ordered a rock and minerals kit from Amazon.


Review will follow when we have it.

If you decide to purchase through my links that means I will get a tiny cut to feed my coffee addiction.

Love and Light


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