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Trolls will always be trolls.

I have been trolled.

I didn’t think I could be trolled as I’m not famous nor my blog is followed by millions.

But I got trolled.

Someone told me I was looking to get rich because I signed up to Affiliate programme.

The same person told me my posts were too short and I should just stick to my daily job.

How did i feel? I felt bad. Mostly because I put a lot of thought in the blog posts and I recommend only products which we use and test ourselves. Its not get rich quick fix. I have signed up because what is wrong with being given a little gratitude for hard work put in.

My husband told me trolls would always be trolls. They want to see you fall and see you being defeated.

But why? Probably out of jealousy, insecurities and lack of real problems or overload of them. Who am I to judge.

Everyone has crap to deal with and I don’t see anything wrong with giving a helpful hand to a fellow mama/blogger. I buy through affiliate links because I appreciate the time and effort others put in.

So my dear troll. Thank you for making me stronger. Your comments has made me realise I can achieve much more then I gave myself credit for. I therefore salute you and I will toast in your name!

Love an Light



3 thoughts on “Trolls will always be trolls.”

  1. That’s too bad you’ve had a troll. I don’t get some people. I think they’re just miserable beings who want everyone else to be miserable with them. I like your blog! Your posts are awesome! And what’s wrong with shorter posts? That’s a silly thing to complain about! You just keep being your authentic self. You rock!


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