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X rays explained

I think my daughter will be a vet. She is the biggest animal lover there is, no matter what animal she love it, and wants to learn about it.  Our subject today was X-rays, after watching a You Tube video and trying to sort of explain to my very confused 5 year old who had no idea about what radiation is…

Finding a hands on activity was our best option. I managed to get my hand of the printable X ray set ( thanks Pinterest). You can find it here It was designed to work with a light box, guess what we had none, but guess again , we had a large window and lots of sun!






It was a lot of fun for my little one . She also gave me an idea and we laminated them so she can use them in her vet pretend play!

Below is some products we used in studying this unit.

If you click on it I will get a tiny cut to keep my coffee addiction going.

Love and light xxx




  Vet set with x rays! Its a lot of fun! Great xmas present.


  You can buy actual print outs of actual X-rays!! Awesome!

  We love this book, its so colourful and so cleverly done. Now on offer on Amazon!



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