Autumn Art

Summer has ended.

The weather has changed, its getting colder and the sky is rarely blue…

But we love Autumn, its the transition between summer and winter. The time for reflection and thinking about ending and new beginnings.

Autumn art is one of the best ways to preserve the lovely memories.

Our project this season was leaf painting. We painted them using these lovely acrylic paints. They have vibrant colours and they last forever. I will do a separate post on paints as it has taken me a long time to find paint we were happy with.

These are best paints we came across in a long time.

( click the picture if you want to see them on amazon).

We also bought the metallic ones which are really good and cover really well.



The leaves turned amazing! We made a few and then stuck them onto a black card to display. Why black? Because it brings up the colour of the painted leaves.

The children had a blast and I enjoyed making them as well. Have fun and maybe you can make them too!


Love and light xxx



Well, what can I say…. I’m obsessed with washi tape and this one is just the most adorable!! £12.99 for 24 making it only 0.50p per roll. Bargain!

Autumn themed card stock. We use this card stock a lot, its a very good quality and the colours fit in Autumn these perfectly. Good value for money as only £5.99 on Amazon.

Amazing colouring book, loved by both adults and children. Only £2.99 on amazon!


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