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Plenty of Jelly fish in the Ocean. Underwater unit study

My kids has been nagging me to buy them a pet.  As much as they knew this wasn’t possible due to our frequent travels and the fact we have none we could give the pet to look after.

They begged for a gold fish or a hamster and as much as I wanted to buy them one I just couldn’t.

That week we decided to study underwater ocean life. Subject that is never ending due to wonders of the amazing aquatic life we are lucky to have on our planet.

Our amazing journey started with the amazing poster we received free from Open University. If you are in the UK then register with OU to receive this amazing Blue Planet poster

free poster


Its lovely and detailed.

We picked jelly fish as our creature to study in depth. What an amazing experience it was.

The kids absolutely loved it.

IMG_0392IMG_0393 2

First task was to paint a jelly fish , the younger one choose to do a big jelly fish one the older one choose to do a tiny detailed jelly fish with his acrylic paints.  He became a fan of painting tiny miniature creatures which are absolutely adorable.

Next task was just amazing! We had “real” jelly fish to observe. It was really a plastic jelly fish but it looked so realistic!! We sat there memorised!


You must agree they look fantastic . It was a bit tricky to set up and I had followed the instruction but kept getting it wrong so I read some tips from other people and finally managed to get them swimming in life like motion.

Watch our video!!

The kids were happy as they now had their own jelly fish pet. A win win situation. Doesn’t need feeding and simply you can turn of the button!

We studied the look of the body and we discussed the way it moves. We also researched how they catch prey. BBC now streams the BLUE PLANET 2 on the player and we watched the episode called ” The DEEP” which was amazing !! Thanks BBC!

find blue planet HERE

This unit study was one of the most interesting ones we have ever done. The children were very excited and they really engaged in the subject. Simple tasks and simple discussions covered the subject in depth and we had so much fun too!

If you want to buy the Jelly Fish follow the link below!

You pay best price found on amazon and it keeps my coffee addiction going!

Love and light xxx



  Click on the picture to buy the jelly fish !


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