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Girls can be engineers too! Goldie Blox review.

The perception of what girls are capable of is changing.

Us women , we can change the world and we will. We have the responsibility to future generations to raise empowered, confident young women who are not afraid to stand their grounds and are capable of anything.

My daughter will change the world. How do I know that? Because she is amazing and she can do whenever she wants if she put her mind and efforts to it.

She will achieve anything she dreams of , and we will make sure to support her in any ventures she imagines.

Last week her brother and her got in a bit of an argument, the subject was “engineering”.

My 5 year old stood her ground strong, she demanded apologies from her older sibling and a written confirmation that in fact GIRLS can be engineers too!

This natural exchange of very passionate words from my children sparked a discussion which we all participated in. Discussions became a very important part of our homeschooling journey.  It enables my children to express their point of view, sometimes we don’t agree with each other but its a part of the journey of self acceptance and confidence building.

Well anyway, this post was going to be about something I cam across a while ago. I was debating buying it but thought it was a bit pricey. Anyway I ended up ordering one of the sets of Goldie Blox on Amazon as it was on offer.  £8 down from £19. Bargain. And since then we have ordered all the remaining sets and they are worth every penny.


This is not a toy, this is a real thinking machine. The sets are adorable, they come with full instruction in a form of a booklet and little figures.  Each set has a different engineering concept. The first one we bought was the Hinge, simple concept but so fun to do!

We absolutely fell in love with Goldie Blox, the company has made great videos and apps for kids ( aimed at girls but my son is crazy about it)


The set is of great quality. Its not a cheap plastic , its a fantastic hardcore plastic which will last for a long time.

The instruction booklet tells you a story about Goldie and what she will build. The brilliant thing is that it gives you other ideas as what you can make out of this set.

In this set Goldie Blox builds a dunking machine for her Dog Nacho, the booklet takes you to a fun fair with rides and stalls. Its really fun!

The concept is simple and the instructions are easy to follow for children to work as independent as possible. This is a fantastic STEM activity, which encourages imagination, mistakes can be made and easily corrected with the right outcome.

My kids had an absolute blast with Goldie Blox.

Their Website is full of videos and helpful tips .

Check out the video of completed Goldie Blox Machine!


Only £.8.94 on Amazon, great Christmas Present. Click the picture!

If you want to check out the Goldie Blox Dunk Tank you can buy it on Amazon for a limited time for the best price of £8.94

Just click on the image and follow the link. ( I get a tiny cut of the price from Amazon Associates links, you pay the best price and at the same time you feed my coffee addiction. )

They also have a series of great books witch follow adventures of Goldie Blox, they are on our Christmas list!

 This series of resources and books is a fantastic opportunity for girls ( and boys) of ages 5-10 to develop skills needed in the future to became designers, engineers and inventors! I’m so glad someone finally stood up for us girls and made a series of resources aimed at young girls who want to achieve their dreams.

Love and Light xxx


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