Ancient Egypt Unit Study and resources ( full list with links).

Egypt was always one of my favourite subjects. So much to to learn and so much to discover.   We spend a whole day coming up with ideas of how and what we want to learn. Activities we did were:

  1. Locating Egypt on the map.
  2. Tracing a map on ancient Egypt and comparing it to the modern Egypt.
  3. Painting a map of Ancient Egypt and marking River Nile, Pyramids, Sphinx.
  4. Reading about Egyptian gods and drawing their characters .
  5. Making a pyramid .
  6. Making paper camels.
  7. Making pharaohs crowns.
  8. Reading about customs and life of Ancient Egyptians.
  9. Making paper dolls of Ancient Egyptians.
  10. Watched documentaries about Ancient Egyptians and how to make chariots.
  11. We discussed how life was different then as to now.
  12. We completed sticker books on Ancient Egypt.
  13. We wrote our names in hieroglyphs and discussed the way Egyptians communicated.
  14. Crafted Scarab Beetles.
Our wall
Locating modern Egypt and comparing it to ancient map.
Camel Craft
We love our camels!

The websites we used:

  1. Paper dolls click here
  2.  Egyptians Gods click here
  3. Pyramid model click here
  4. Map of Ancient Egypt click here
  5. Pharaohs crown click here
  6. Make your own mummy online click here
  7. Printable definition cards click here
  8. Scarab Beetles click here

Reading List:

1.  Great resource for younger readers. Click on the picture to buy on Amazon £25.32

2.  Best £6.00 spend, this is a fantastic and interactive book which will have kids and grown ups hooked.

3. Child friendly and visual, lots of fun facts and photos. It was a great resource. £5.92 on amazon. ( click the picture to purchase).

4. Tales of Gods and Pharaohs its a very exciting way of teaching history, the kids will love these stories. On amazon for over £7.00 ( click the picture to purchase)

5. Most of crafting ideas about Egypt came from this book, its a fantastic resource and easy to follow instructions. Click on the picture to get it for about £2! Real Bargain.

6. This was my daughters ( age 6 ) reading book, she read most f it herself, with easy language and cute pictures this was a perfect choice. Click on the picture to buy from Amazon for £4.99

7. One of our stickers books which the children enjoyed. We love Horrible Histories Series. Its too cool!!  Click on the picture to buy on Amazon for £4.99

8. Second Sticker book enjoyed by the younger one. It was fun to do and educational. Click on the picture to buy on Amazon £4.99

9.This book is for older ones , my son who is 9 absolutely love it. The illustrations are beautiful and its ver well done. The printed copy is £9.00 but you can just grab a kindle edition for £0.85p!!!!

10. This was our bedtime story for Egypt Study. Its a cute book about a young boy and a giraffe who travel across river Nile to get to Paris. It was a hit with both children. Click on the picture to buy on Amazon for £9.00.

Documentaries which we watched. Some are on DVD and some on Netflix/Prime. You can also find them on you tube.


You tube : Egyptian Chariots. Very interesting documentary, we watched and enjoyed it as a family.

You tube

Khan Academy Free Overview of Ancient Egypt.

Khan Academy Free Video


I’m a member of the affiliate club therefore if you click the links ( photos) and purchase the items I will be paid a very small token of appreciation. You don’t get charged more for using it.

I hope you enjoyed our Unit Study on Ancient Egypt.

Love and Light



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