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X rays explained

I think my daughter will be a vet. She is the biggest animal lover there is, no matter what animal she love it, and wants to learn about it.  Our subject today was X-rays, after watching a You Tube video and trying to sort of explain to my very confused 5 year old who had no idea about what radiation is…

Finding a hands on activity was our best option. I managed to get my hand of the printable X ray set ( thanks Pinterest). You can find it here It was designed to work with a light box, guess what we had none, but guess again , we had a large window and lots of sun!






It was a lot of fun for my little one . She also gave me an idea and we laminated them so she can use them in her vet pretend play!

Below is some products we used in studying this unit.

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Love and light xxx




  Vet set with x rays! Its a lot of fun! Great xmas present.


  You can buy actual print outs of actual X-rays!! Awesome!

  We love this book, its so colourful and so cleverly done. Now on offer on Amazon!


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Trolls will always be trolls.

I have been trolled.

I didn’t think I could be trolled as I’m not famous nor my blog is followed by millions.

But I got trolled.

Someone told me I was looking to get rich because I signed up to Affiliate programme.

The same person told me my posts were too short and I should just stick to my daily job.

How did i feel? I felt bad. Mostly because I put a lot of thought in the blog posts and I recommend only products which we use and test ourselves. Its not get rich quick fix. I have signed up because what is wrong with being given a little gratitude for hard work put in.

My husband told me trolls would always be trolls. They want to see you fall and see you being defeated.

But why? Probably out of jealousy, insecurities and lack of real problems or overload of them. Who am I to judge.

Everyone has crap to deal with and I don’t see anything wrong with giving a helpful hand to a fellow mama/blogger. I buy through affiliate links because I appreciate the time and effort others put in.

So my dear troll. Thank you for making me stronger. Your comments has made me realise I can achieve much more then I gave myself credit for. I therefore salute you and I will toast in your name!

Love an Light


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Rocks and Fossils Unit Study Part 1

My son chose to study Rocks and Fossils.

His first challenge was to gather facts and make a mind map.

We like using mind maps, maybe its an old fashioned method but we still think its one of best ways for us to gather research.

Using internet for research seems like the obvious option, I try to encourage my kids to use books , we shop for the books together and we try to pick ones which will interest both of the children. It’s not so easy as people may think. Having children with different learning styles and different ages is not walk in the park. Finding materials stable for both often proves challenging.

This time we choose:

It is a great resource with amazing photographs and really interesting facts.


Both kids really enjoyed this book and we will use it for further research. We have also ordered a rock and minerals kit from Amazon.


Review will follow when we have it.

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Love and Light

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Atomidoodle review – Fun way to learn the periodic table

Yes, the periodic table the FUN way…

I would never thought that periodic table could be fun.

I never liked chemistry, not sure why but it just wasn’t my thing. I’m sure if I had it the FUN way I would have loved it.

We searched high and low for a good application which would have facts and some fun stuff too, but not too babyish for my older son.

We found Atomidoodle by Hero Factor Games

it costs £2.99 and its available on the app store.







****Please note we had no financial gain from reviewing this application. ****

We also used the Beginners Guide to the Periodic Table for my younger one. She enjoyed the book.

My son really loved this Periodic table book, It has a poster inside and it tell you in real life pictures which elements is found where.

Really good for younger learners, the lift and flap book is fun and colourful.



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Love and light.

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Volcanos aka how to teach a 5 year old about the erupting mountains.

5 Year old chose a subject : Volcanos.

How hard can this be right?

It’s not a rocket science, but its hard to choose material which will suit a 5 year old. Therein tons of stuff online about volcanos, lots of messy experiments too!

To keep it fairly simple and explosion free we chose a diy mini volcano from volcano to print

it looked like this .My daughter added a pipe cleaner lava to make it more realistic.

We also got a printing Volcano activity sheet from

If you sign up for free account you can get 4 printable worksheets a month.

It is ver good.

Here is some more resources we used. If you click on the link and purchase from Amazon, I will get a tiny cut to feed my coffee addiction.

Love and light.