Homeschooling Magazine needs you!

I have the privilege to be involved in a new secular approach Homeschooling Magazine.

Created by parents for parents. The idea behind it is new and fresh approach, with features of real homeschoolers and various ideas , covering all aspects of homeschooling.

They need people who wants to contribute to the magazine by writing articles, promoting their work or providing photographs.

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Time for me time

Last night I came across an article about why mothers usually stay up late. The reason was as to have some “peaceful” time which is ever so vital to our sanity and well being. My only problem is I actually need sleep. I’m not. 20 year old student anymore who went out partying on Friday and came home on Wednesday next week. 

When we started homeschooling I was desperate for “me” time. I would complain to my husband every night as of how little of that me time I was getting. He tried to “make it up to me” by taking the kids out or telling me to go out in the evening. The thing we were lacking was a balance and respect. 

This needed to come in place as my children needed to learn to respect my personal space and my choice of 5 min to myself. 

We started working on introducing this balance. Starting with an actual 5 minutes. Sometimes homeschooling is a bliss, we whizz through the subject, everyone is happy and the day flies by. But on many occasions we struggled with the topic and it took a lot out of me and the kids and after all we needed the time to unwind. 

Here is what we did:

Choosing a unwinding activity was a fun part, we decided on things we wanted to do on the particular day. 3 things a day , 3 things which made us happy.

For me as an adult was “having a cup of tea alone”  or “reading a chapter of my book without being called”

The children also chose things like “making Hama beads without being called by mum” or “reading in peace”.

You probably think “this will never work for us”, and maybe it won’t but it’s important to give it a go as it may actually help. 

It has change my children’s view of me, before I felt like I was being there to attend their every need. “Mum! I need scissors” they were laying on the table. “Mum! I can’t see my shoes” , every single thing.  

Now when I need time to be alone (we are still talking about 10min approx) to gather my thoughts , rethink stuff or simply drink hot tea. We call to “me ” Time where everyone stops what they are doing and work on their “me time activity”,

I’m sure things will change once the kids are older but for now this is what works for us, I don’t feel the need to “escape” from them anymore. I simply value my right to be me when I need to. 

Love and light xx

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Knowing who you are -a simple geography lesson

Come on ask my children where they are from. You may get more than one answer, living the expat life means we travelled and lived in more than one continent.

As parents we try to help our children where they come from, where they live and how this all relates to us a family.

Knowing your roots is important.Finding out your own history will engage them to in exploring geography and history. Maybe your ancestors were famous inventors? Or explorers? Pioneers?


We have created a simple sheet to help the children better record  the findings.


Starting small with exploring the country you currently live in, exploring the simple things like capital and currency. Moving on to country you were born in. Comparing the differences and finding similarities is great fun.


In this one we used printed flags due to complexity of both flags. We have done research online to answer questions we didn’t know, and followed the map to find out the continents. Simple but fun tasks!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 19.58.16.png


You can download both FREE worksheets here.



Have fun exploring!



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How to keep them motivated

Hand on heart we can all relate to that problem…right??

I won’t believe for a split of a second that you have never hit the rock bottom…

We have , on many occasions. Staying motivated is hard. Keeping them motivated even harder.

I have read many articles and many homeschooling guides which talk about importance of children establishing a self motivation. In ideal world they would. But in real world? They loose it a bit if the motivation is not feed on regular basics. Like a pet.

We tried many things, and I mean many things. Promise of video games, promise of pocket money, the bribe the threat. It has worked for an period of time, then we hit rock bottom again.

I have stumbled across my grandmothers journal while decluttering my apartment. I had it for years and used to love reading it. I still do. She used to write poetry, some good , some not so good.

Something in this journal made me realise that I was missing a piece of puzzle in our homeschooling journey.

An everyday , simple motivation . My great granddad used to write under my Nan’s poems a little line of encouragement, and I genuinely thought it was what made her write on and on. After hours on pinterest and online I decided we needed brag tags in our lives.

Fun, simple quotes which would keep the kids going .

I ended up creating a set of those and using them in the writing journals.

They actually work!

The kids went nuts fort them! I keep them as a surprise and stick on everyday . They love reading them and commenting on how much it keeps them on track.

They are free to download in my TPT shop.

Here is the link:


I print them on a sticky paper , but you can just use glue, works well too.

For optimal size I print them as “2 copies per page” to get a 2 sets on one page.


Share your motivation tips! Would love to hear them


Happy Bragging!!!






When I say to people ” I’m homeschooling him” I usually get the brow up and the horrifiying look on their faces. The split of a second they usually make the assumptions and decision if they are going to stick around or run as fast as they can. 7 out of 10 run and pretends we don’t exist the next time we bump into them.
People make assumptions about homeschooling parents without realising what struggles we go through everyday.

I made a list of 8 most important ones ( for me anyway):


Yes , the assumptions, judgement, the looks on people faces. The questions ” oh why is he/she not in school?”, ” Whats wrong with him/her?”. Those are the helpful people who also question your child on times tables or laws of gravity, spelling,  just to make sure that you are doing a good enough job of teaching YOUR child.

The same people would avoid you like a plague while they spot you in a coffee shop, they will also comment and point out flaunts and “mistakes” in whatever you do.

Don’t take it personally, they just don’t understand, they are not educated enough about the subject to be able to comment and pass any judgement. Straighten up your crown and keep queening. You own it, you are the Homeschooling Queen.


Ah, the little darlings. Most of people assume that homeschooling is “easy”, oh “everyone” can do it. They imagine that homeschooling is a breeze, you sit down and sip tea from a floral teacup, while your children complete 5 different curriculums, learn 7 foreign languages and get a art degree from Harvard online. All in one day.

The reality is, most of the time we spend time sitting with the children, explaining, creating, trying to teach them the independence, the basics of math and the reason why pin pong balls float. The kids have good and bad days and we all have been there right? The tears and the tantrums because they don’t feel like learning or just because geometry is not what they like. Testing your and their own limits, learning that sometimes you need to do stuff you don’t want or like doing.If you have never thought about putting your kids in boarding school I suggest you check if you are not a cyborg…


Being homeschooling mum is not a job for faint hearted. You need to be hardcore and very disciplined. Sometimes you need to do an extra research on how fog and clouds are made when your 6 year old pops in the question you don’t know the answer to. It’s ok, we cannot know all the answers.  It’s ok to say to your child that you need to double check the answers, its not failing its learning, for both of you.


If you think you will be spending your evenings watching movies and playing games on your iPad. You are WRONG. Pinterest addiction is a recognised illness and the fact you are up at 3 am cutting out a paper brain is normal. Don’t worry, the children will not appreciate any of it. Put the scissors down and go to bed.

stock photo by PEXELS


If you don’t have a good homeschooling network around you, make sure you look for one. Being on the same boat as someone else sometimes puts a fresh perspective on our own problems. Having other parents to talk to and laugh with is essential. Make sure you get out, don’t feel like people gives you looks, its a good lesson, for both and your child.


All of your cash goes towards sharpies, watercolour brushes and online courses. Book depository is on a favourite tap in your explorer and you have paypal account as touch and pay. Educational board games cover the entire living room and you cannot wait for a sale on TPT. Yes we all know it well…


Worrying if you are doing enough, if you made the right decision. Will your child be ready for life, will they education level be ok to pass exams or get into Uni? Will it?

Statistically homeschooled children have higher level of skills and knowledge than children who attend public school. Don’t stress, you are doing fine. They are getting exactly what they need. You know best.

I would love to hear from others about struggles they have , so I can add them to my list.

Peace and Light