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Quick time fillers

There are days when we need quick time fillers. Quick activities, on the go or just because we feel we need them.

We found them over the summer when travelling through Europe. They are sets of cards with riddles and mazes etc. They are great to take with you when you are travelling or when your soup explodes and covers your entire kitchen floor. ( I hate Mondays).

The kids think they are great and despite already doing them once or twice they still enjoy them. Good think is its dry eraser pages which you can reuse or pass on once outgrown.

I have to admit, sadly once sitting at the airpot I like doing them too…. Grab yours

here  and support this mommas coffee shop trips!

50 Secret Codes (Usborne Activity Cards)

Love and Light xx

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Counting Sticks

Several people asked me what we use for visual learning. Oh Boy! The question should be what we don’t use!

We pretty much use any available objects. Buttons, pins, mini erasers, bottle cups, beads.

But my kids favourite one are the counting sticks.


We use them pretty much everyday. They were only a cheap find on amazon , but they are great. We love bargains like that.

If you would like some, hit the amazon button, grab your bargain and let this mamma earn some pennies!

love and light xx


Daily lego challenge

It’s all about lego in this household. We all love building with lego, we use lego for STEM activities.

I was too exhausted ( aka too lazy) to make those challenges myself so I decided to support fellow mama  and a seller on TPT JAmee, from Scissors and Crayon Blog.

She is a teacher from a New Mexico and her resources ideas are awesome.

We bought these last week and the kids went bonkers over them! Thanks Jamee!


They ask all the time “What is the LEGO challenge today!!!???”

You can buy it here. TPT

Thanks again for making this great resource!

Love and Light xx


All about…world atlas app by Planet Factory review

I’m not all about digital technology, I’m actually reluctant to let me kids use iPads.

But this app is really greatIMG_9531

Kids world Atlas by Planet Factory  #appsplanetfactory

You can find them on Instagram or FB.

The apps are not the cheapest but they are well worth the £5 . They are interactive, full of colour and fun.

My 5 year old now knows all about world animals and she is able to use the iPad to do her own research just like her older brother.

So if you are looking into buying a good app check them out.

love and light.

ps. this is not a paid advert, we have no benefits by recommending this application