Lego education. Yay or nay??

When I started homeschooling I was all set for traditional schooling . Oh boy how wrong was I??

My kids hated the ” school” at home. We needed to change things and find things the kids actually enjoyed. And what is that the love the most??


Recently they introduced the Lego education services. The website offers more than one activities. We actually love them all. Sadly they are extremely expensive. Average family won’t be able to afford the services offered.

So we worked out a way to make it free.

First decide which skill you want to work on.

We choose the story building . The kids loved creating their own comic books.

Collecting Lego characters, building the scenery, finding a good spot for taking pictures. It was such a great fun!

We downloaded the story builder from Lego education website. It’s free to download.

Find the link here:

There is also a free guide.

Because we have a lot of different sets on f Lego we were able to create endless stories.

We made some prompting cards which are available to download here

Here is the finished product


Print them, cut them out! have fun!


Here is our finished product:


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.53.12

We love adapting our way of learning. How our journey evolves is amazing.

Love and light. You are doing great x


Homeschooling, the idea behind it vs. the reality.

When I started homeschooling I had this Idea in my head that I would have all the time in the world. My house would be super duper organised, my children would have all the life skills they need to do the chores, cook and study. That they would always be smiling and with eager attitude follow all instructions.

My son would graduate college by the time he is 12 and that we would be super rich living f the amazing inventions he came up as a homeschooling genius child. We would live a proventional life , free from screen time and our children would produce hand calligrapher xmas cards for the entire 234 people in our extended family.

Everyone would love to be around our kids who would have amazing manners, answers to all existential question and would calculate complicated algebra in their heads.

I would get 8 h sleep every night, with our homemade high end designed curriculum being independent carried on by my children. No guaidance needed. I would sing and bake and wear a Cath Kidston apron. My blog would attract people from all over the world, and everyone would congratulate me on my successful book which I would write and publish and make millions.

Then the reality happened.

The slap from the universe.

The kids were up super early, they would refuse to complete various tasks. The house looked like a scene from a horror movie. Books everywhere, pencils, crayons, the sciccors went AWOL.

Day after day, there is no dinner, there is no organic chutneys being produced.

My nights were spend researching the internet for free ready made printables.

First week passes. I’m researching boarding schools, far away from home.

The kids would fuss and whine and forget to say please and thank you.

My university degree seemed now like a waste of time, money and effort.

I was being defeated by my own children.

Then I overheard my kids talking. “We may as well be at school..mum is so boring”

Proper punch from the universe this time.

My idealistic homeschooling dream has been ripped into pieces and burnt to ashes.

At this point I was ready to announce my own defeat. The realisation that I failed them was the worst. I wanted to give them the best start in life but instead I messed them up even more.

Husband who normally doesn’t get involved in my motherly existence decided to tell me his point of view. “Why are you being so hard on yourself and them?”

And that was it. That was all I needed.

My vision needed to be altered. My dreams needed to be made more achievable and realistic. There is nothing wrong with having high ambitions and aspirations, but to achieve them we need achievable and realistic goals.

I realised I needed to make this to work. To simplyfi, to make it interesting. It’s them who are being the centre of attention , it’s their homeschooling journey as much as it was mine.  The realisation came quickly with a lot of solutions. I didn’t need to spend my nights learning how to play a guitar, all I needed to do is to hire a tutor, online programmes and app were a big no no, but with the technology being the centre of attention and main income in modern society I realised I couldn’t stop my kids from using it.

We needed to find a balance, our main focus is still hands on learning, but now we use technology and we are not scared of implementing it.

Both kids do coding classes online and they both thrive in them. We concentrate on things that we know they kids are good at and that they enjoy. If there are subjects we struggle with we look for different solutions and approaches.

I’m not defeated, my dream is not over or never to be achieved, we get better and better everyday at realising the harmony of our idealistic homeschooling life.

So remember. Don’t be so hard on yourself, or them. You are doing great, you are doing what’s the best for your Family!

Light and love xxxx


How to actually achieve your Pinterest aspirations.

We are all guilty here …I’m officially obsessed with Pinterest.

I need last minute craft idea, Pinterest it, I need a dinner inspiration, Pinterest it, DIY queen you say? I say Pinterest it.

In a way Pinterest became an answer to all my problems.

I find myself Pinteresting in my head…

Today I realised I have pinned over 200 pins in the last 2 months. From which I maybe achieved 2. Sounds familiar?.

Therefore I made a deal with myself to help me using the inspirations more productive.

Here are some tips.

1. Limits your pins to 10 a week.   It was a struggle at first, but then I realised I was picking stuff which I actually liked, not just pinning for the sake of pinning it.

2. Set up yourself a realistic goal.  At the beginning of each week decide what you are actually looking for and if you will be able to actually realise the project. I once had a board which had 120 diy gifts ideas, I loved picking them up but realistically I never managed to actually achieve them.

3. Create a “dream” board. This has helped me to put my lovely pins which I had no way of achieving in a safe spot which I can always revisit.

4. Delete duplicated pins. There is a lot of ideas out there, there is also loads of them which are pretty much the same. So before you pin 13 mermaid tails tutorials ask yourself a question. Do I need this?

5. Revisit the pins. I have hundreds of them which I pinned but never looked at again. In a view of time management this 20 sec I used for pinning this useless pin I would never get back. 20sec x 50 pins a day= 1000 sec a day, that’s 16 minutes a day, 1.9 h a week , 98h a year, that’s 4.1days a year!
I hope that brightens a bit your day. And don’t forget to pin it for later!


Teach your children how to deal with emergencies the best they can.

Two days ago we had a situation where we witnessed a child nearly drowning.  The 3 year old fell in the pool and he struggled for breath, his poor mother watched in horror as he was gasping for air. She was petrified, screaming for help , unable to act herself due to shock. A man jumped in his clothes and pulled the struggling toddler out.

My children watched the situation very carefully. My 5 year old made a valid point about “he should have turned on his back and float” , but then my son said to her that maybe he just panicked.

This whole situation made me realise that children’s perception of danger and emergency may be a lot different than ours. As grown up we often think we are capable of dealing with various situation ,  observing this poor mother I came to conclusion that I don’t pay much attention to the fact my kids may not be able to face a certain danger as they don’t have the skills to do so.

Therefore we sat down today and we talked about different types of emergencies. I listened to my children’s point of view.

And I have learned a lot.

Turns out my kids do have a great imagination and they easily put themselves “in danger”, they worked as a team to find a solution to those scenarios. A lot of “superpowers” came to rescue them too.

We created a little printable where we wrote down how we would have dealt with certain situations in a real life. I have introduced the “password” idea which they both really liked.

The main problem was to agree on the password and remembering it!

I think this topic will be coming back to our homeschooling schedule. I’m under impression that they need to be reminded about how to act in emergencies, to make sure they save themselves and not the favourite toys. This is a serious matter which wasn’t addressed in our household enough.  We will work on it.

How about you?

download it here abduction

download it here poison

download it here drowning

download it here fire
Ps. Those printable are for home use or classroom use only.


I’m a Unicorn! Why we embrace the differences and free printable!

We like playing a game with the kids called “guess what animal I’m thinking about”. It’s a simple game when one person thinks about a specific animal and the others ask questions which can only have a “yes” or “no” answer.

Our 5 year old daughter usually ask the same question “is it a unicorn?”

We all end up bursting into laughter and then the game gets really silly.

But that’s not the poin of this post. This post is about why we believe in unicorns and embrace the “unicorns” within.

Our natural instinct tells us to behave the way that everyone else does. Fitting is is very important , especially when we talk about kids and their socialisation. Children generally want to be accepted, they want to be liked.

But why do we want to be the same? Why is it not a norm in a modern society to be different? To be unique?

A while ago I came across a quote ” be a unicorn in a field of horses”, I showed it to my eldest. He looked at me and said ” seems like a hard thing to do”.

At that time I realised that it gets a lot harder to be a unicorn when you are 9 as if when you are 5. The younger the child the more oblivious they are to social acceptance and what is deemed as “cool”.

As a parent I try to embrace my children’s differences, it’s absolutely fine if my children want to play chess instead of football,it’s perfectly fine my daughter wants to be a Spider-Man at a dress up party. Why can’t be design a society where differences are embraced?

This would be the easiest solution!

As a part of our social studies, we learn how to be proud of our differences. Here are some tips:

1. Teach them to respond appropriately.  This may sound like a challenge but it will benefit them in a long run, it will teach them to stand up for what they believe. Also they are children so they need to learn things first before they can implement them. If a child is laughed at then teach them to say,

” please don’t laugh at me, it’s not nice to laugh at people and it hurts my feelings. I like (what I’m wearing, my backpack, my choice of music etc.) . It’s my choice to do ( play chess, play piano, eat vegetables ).

This will be hard at first, and children often want to react differently , but practise this at home and you will see a difference quickly.

2. Share the love. Teach them to try to involve others in what they were doing. Try to say

” why won’t you give it a go, this is fun for ME, maybe you will like it too”

3. Get some facts for them. My son used to get laughed at for wearing a sun hat (silly right)? He googled some facts and was able to tell others why he was wearing one as he had actual figures behind him etc.

4. Celebrate their differences.  Once a month we have a unicorn day, this is a day when we celebrate all the quarky stuff we like doing. We have a party and all of us (even daddy) tell the others why we are unicorns.

5. Give a good example.   Set up a good example to follow, they will see that you are proud of yourself and that will boost their confidence. It’s amazing how much children learn when they observe their peers. Make sure you use that power wisely.

Last night we designed some printable planner stickers and birthday gifts tags, the theme?

Unicorns of course!!

download it here HERE

download it here


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